Marina Raskova’s Polikarpov Po-2


Marina Raskova/Night Witches Bomber Regiment


Polikarpov Po-2 Biplane


Can evade any early detection system, cannot be shot and is able to deliver a series of concussive airstrikes


Prone to getting damaged, dangerous to operate



Collected by

Warehouse 13





Date of Collection

March 14, 2011



Marina Raskova was a pilot in the Soviet Air Force when she left her singing career for work in chemistry and aeronautics. She set several long distance records at the time, including when she bailed from her aircraft and survived eight days in the wilderness. When World War II began, she used her personal connections to Stalin to help her establish three regiments that would accept female pilots and engineers.

One, the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, remained all female during its existence. They bombed parts of Germany with Polikarpov Po-2 biplanes, aircraft meant for practice runs and crop dusting. Since they were small and slow, pilots had to go on multiple bombing runs per night and perform intense aerial maneuvers. However, most German warplanes were unable to match the Polikarpov’s speed and target them. This, along with their near complete silence, led German soldiers to likening the planes to broomsticks, and calling their pilots “Night Witches”.


This biplane’s quiet presence during missions has evolved into evading all forms of early detection. Radar, heat sensors and even satellite imagery will be unable to pick up the plane’s trail. It cannot be shot out of the sky with standard air defense weapons and can quickly evade any aerial battle. Strapped to the bottom of the frame are six bombs, which can be delivered at the pilot’s discretion. Each bomb will create a small but powerful initial blast, followed by several more explosions seconds later. The plane itself is easily susceptible to wear and damage while in the air and in its hangar. It must be regularly repaired every couple months, otherwise it will become a hazard to operate and will fall apart midair.

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