Maria Margaretha Kirch's Ephemeris
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Maria Margaretha Kirch


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Maria Margaretha Kirch was taught by her husband Gottfried how to navigate the celestial plain, picking apart individual constellations and comets. Being wife to the royal astronomer came with its perks, like being able to practice from the Holy Roman observatory and calculate the motion of actual heavenly bodies. Maria and Gottfried worked together as a team to create accurate calendars, almanacs and even weather reports.

Kirch continued her studies and published observations under her own name, but was met with a cold shoulder after her husband passed. The Royal Academy denied her admittance even though she was well qualified, and had a tumultuous relationship with other institutions further on.


When opened, it illustrates a forecast of the upcoming week's noteworthy events. Most relate towards natural occurrences like weather changes or visibility, but can also include events similar to honoring ceremonies or scientific curiosity. Any person who actively disrupts the user's habits will be pelted with continual micrometeors. They will grow larger and more ferocious daily until they get the message.

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