Margaret Hamilton's Broomstick
Wizard of oz 0456 wicked witch.jpg
The Wicked Witch of the West holding her broomstick.


Margaret Hamilton




The broom can fly and make smoke appear


Gradually turns the users skin green


Getting on it and riding

Collected by

James McPherson







Date of Collection

March 24, 1976


Origins[edit | edit source]

Nearly every child is familiar with this broomstick - the one actress Margaret Hamilton used in the filming of the beloved classic, The Wizard of Oz, in her portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West. With the Ruby Slippers from the film locked away in the Dark Vault, the broomstick enjoys a certain level of freedom in the Samhain Sector, and is only too glad to be activated.

The 1939 movie is unique in the fact that it gave The Wicked Witch a more...witchier look. In the original fairy tale by L. F. Baum, one will notice that the Witch is a stout, puffily dressed woman with an eyepatch and three braids sticking out from her head. However, whether it was for cinematic reasons or for classic appeal, the witch in the film was given a wiry, black-clothed, pointy-hatted, and most importantly, GREEN-SKINNED look which would terrify both Dorothy and her friends and many children watching the movie for years to come.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This broomstick can actually fly, lifting its rider off of the ground with no qualms about weight (until the most extreme of cases) and able to navigate the air at the whim of the user - apparently it's like learning to ride a bicycle...with a basket on the back...Furthermore, the user can make black smoke or red smoke appear from the end of the broomstick while riding.

As a result of making the Witch green, riding on this broomstick will first tint, until finally completely changing, the color of the user's skin until they turn completely green upon every use. Unless use of the broomstick is continued, the color should fade within a matter of days.

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