Marc Isambard Brunel's Quadrant
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Marc Isambard Brunel




Ability to dig out massive tunnels


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Origin[edit | edit source]

Sir Marc Isambard Brunel (1769 - 1849) was a French-born engineer who settled in England. Brunel is most well known for the construction of the Thames Tunnel between Rotherhithe and Limehouse. in 1818 Brunel had patented a tunneling shield. This was a reinforced shield of cast iron in which miners would work in separate compartments, digging at the tunnel-face/ Periodically the shield would be driven forward by large jacks, and the tunnel surface behind would be lined with brick. Originally Brunel had planned the tunnel to pass no more than fourteen feet below the riverbed at the lowest point, however this caused issues later. Another issue was that the tunneling shield was considered to be a luxury and the contractor was worried about the project costing too much. Originally the funds dried up and the tunnel was closed off.

Unofficially the government loaned Brunel the money to complete the tunnels with a better tunneling shield. At the time a better tunneling shield hadn't been invented yet, however the engineer had his quadrant and was able to use the artifact to complete the tunnels. Closing the tunnels again he waited for three months while the upgraded tunneling shield was completed and installed. Opening it up again he declared it completed.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Ability to dig out massive tunnels - Used to help complete the Thames Tunnel.

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