Maori Warrior masks
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One of the more benevolent-looking masks


Maori people




Induces mass testosterone spikes


Can be fatal, especially to females



Collected by

Warehouse 13






Origin[edit | edit source]

The Maori people of New Zealand lived rather isolated until the 18th century. European settler discovered a culture of storytelling, hunting and artwork, represented by carvings such as these masks. Carved before war, these masks represented either ancestors or deities and, unlike most masks, were not intended for wear. Much like Polynesian tikis, Maori masks were made to adorn homes or stakes as a point of reverence.

It was believed that if the maker died violently and could not reach Hawaiki, they may remain and possess people or objects. These objects, which had seen death and blood, were believed to have dangerous effects on women who were pregnant or menstruating, considered a time when a woman was most vulnerable and needed protecting.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Activated purely by proximity, theses fierce masks depicting warrior men cause spikes of testosterone in anyone nearby. This promotes aggression, strength and heightened energy levels, but may also cause heart defects, infertility and insomnia consistent with increased levels.

In females, the change in more dramatic and can interfere with hormonal balances. This can include the high possibility of miscarriage in pregnant women. As such, although contact with the masks is always considered ill-advised, only males staff may do so if it becomes necessary.

With Regent authorization, it is permitted under very controlled circumstances for individuals to be exposed to the artifacts in the event of a medically proven testosterone deficiency or, as proposed by agent Pocklinton, female-to-male transgenderism where hormone therapy has been prescribed.

Collection[edit | edit source]

There are currently 12 active masks in the Warehouse. Due to the unclear nature of creation, there may be many more out in the world and any reports of "haunted" or "cursed" masks are to be investigated. See Agent Scott or Consultant Grey in the "Urban Legends" division.

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