Mabel Stark's Tiger Hoop
Over her career, Stark was mauled countless times by her tigers


Mabel Stark


Wooden hoop


Turns user into tigers


The user's mind regresses to that of a tiger after prolonged use


Jumping through the hoop

Collected by

Vanessa Caulder and Hugo Miller







Date of Collection

August 5th, 1970



Mabel Stark, originally Mary Haynie, was a renowned tiger tamer, and one of the only females in the profession. During her career she worked for numerous famous circuses, including joined, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Over her career she also sustained many injuries from countless mauling attacks from her tigers. Despite all of the attacks and the damage she took, she lived to retire and died at age 78.


When one jumps through the hoop, the user will transform into a tiger. To transform back the user must jump through the hoop once again. Should the user fail to change back after a prolonged period of use, his/her mind will begin to regress to that of a real tiger.


Collected by Hugo and Vanessa after animal control in Kankakee reported capturing a tiger, despite no reports of an escaped animal from any of the local zoos. The agents thought something was up when they observed the tiger go through stages of rage and calmness. During the calm periods the tiger seemed to be able to watch tv and read the newspaper from afar. Hugo and Vanessa connected the dots after a missing person's of a local rhythmic gymnast. It turned out that one of the hoops that was being used in his routine was an artifact.

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