M.C. Escher's Mirror Ball
Hand with Reflecting Sphere
Hand with Reflecting Sphere, drawn by Escher himself


Mauritus Cornelius Escher


Polished reflective sphere


Distorts space and relativity of the room it is in.


Room becomes increasingly difficult to conceptualize, leading to brain trauma



Collected by

M.C. Escher


The Escher Vault

Date of Collection




Before of prior to his work designing the current Warehouse, Mauritus Escher was known for his unique style of artwork based on surrealism and relativity. It was this abstract work of his that attracted the attention of the Regents, who recruited him to help make the Warehouse a bastion of impenetrability. 

It is unknown when this artifact was formed, but it was donated to the Warehouse to aid in it's design and became the first official artifact collected in the stores of Warehouse 13.


When the sphere is placed in a room, the dimentions and relativity of the room will begin to distort. Walls will curve in impossible ways and entrances begin to shift randomly. Leaving it in a room for too long will cause anyone inside to lose their mind trying to conceptualize the twisted mess of dimentions the room has become.

It is located in the Escher Vault where, along with the Cretan Labyrinth Archway, it forms the most secure location in the Warehouse.

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