Ludwig II of Bavaria's Cloak
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Ludwig II




Imagination altering capabilities


Desensitization with reality



Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

February 8, 1892


Origin[edit | edit source]

Ludwig II of Bavaria was known to some as the Swan or Fairy Tale King for his architectural fantasies. With the rumblings and foundation of a cohesive German Empire, Ludwig slowly withdrew from politics to art. He depleted the royal reserves and placed himself millions in debt to build up a cultural heritage Bavaria. They came in the form of several grandiose castles, the most famous being fairy-tale model Neuschwanstein as tribute to composer Richard Wagner. Although Ludwig did not abuse his position by using state revenue for funds, he did fail to capitalize on his works and instead planned on spending more for other projects. Many considered him insane for his single minded approach, to the point where his cabinet formally deposed Ludwig from command. He was mysteriously found dead by a lakeside with one of his psychiatrists the following day,

Effects[edit | edit source]

Wearing the cloak allows them to reach inside the user's imagination and manipulate it. The subject’s capacity to experience vivid and absolutely new artistic, philosophical and social oddities will become near limitless. They can also directly reach into another’s subconscious and alter their mind, letting them indulge in fantastical jaunts or reducing them to an orderly drone. The user can lose touch with reality and have their understandings of psychological order and interpersonal interaction erode away.

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