Lucretia Garfield's Reading Glasses
Lucretia Garfield's Reading Glasses


Lucretia Garfield


Reading Glasses


Doubles speed of reading


Experiences the symptoms of farsightedness



Collected by

Rod Serling



Date of Collection




Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (1932 - 1918), the wife of James Garfield, was First Lady of the United States in 1881. As the first lady she wasn't interested the First Lady's social duties, she was deeply conscientious and her genuine hospitality made her dinners and twice-weekly receptions enjoyable. One thing she did do was research the history of the White House in order to furnish it to its former glory including building and filling their library. Sadly she contracted malaria and was unable to finish the project. Instead she would spend her days reading in the library going through almost all the books within. Lucretia was seeing a specialist in New Jersey when news came to her that her husband had been shot in Washington. Rushing home to her husband she remained at his side until he passed away. In his honor she had a section of the family home in South Pasadena, California into a presidential library of his papers.


When worn user can read through a book in twice the time, after removing glasses user experiences the symptoms of farsightedness (blurred vision, pain in eyes, etc.) for twice as long as they were used.


Inspiration for [Time Enough at Last] Season 1/ Episode 8 of the Twilight Zone, as seen here: Twilight Zone Artifacts

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