Lucky's Magic Charms
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They're magically delicious


Lucky Charm's 2004 redesign


Bracelet Charms


Powers over pictorial representation of the charm


They more often used, the more children and young adults will stalk the user


Wearing the charms

Collected by

Claudia Donavan and Steve Jinks


Currently in Ovoid Quarantine

Date of Collection



2004: IrelandEdit

As Lucky Charms began the idea that the marshmallows were Lucky's 'Charms' and that each one had their own power, actually charms found their way into a jewelry store alongside the limited edition 'charms' as well.  Agents were sent in to collect them when a woman had a bracelet made with several of he charms.  While she didn't activate any of the charms, the downside of her being chased and stalked by children and young adults kicked in.

Today: Warehouse 13.5Edit

After the Halifax Incident, the Warehouse was moved under Eureka jurisdiction and programmer Blaine Biston, who was tasked with coming up with a program designed to minimize electrical storms.  Keeping track of inventory, Biston  noticed that artifacts were going missing, but Director Fargo denied the vanishing act as real.  Because of this, Biston swiped several of the charms for himself, just to be on the safe side.

When the former H.A.R.P. Consultants arrived to make claims of dangerous artifacts being back in the world and were turned away, just like Blaine.  Seeing that their goals were aligned, Blaine joined them with the few artifacts that he had snatched while on the job.

While using them in the field, he only carries the Balloon, Horseshoe, Clover, Shooting Star, Heart, Magic Mirror, Pot of Gold, and Moon.


  • Heart-Gives items minor sentience
  • Moon-Provides invisibility
  • Horseshoe-Increases the user's speed
  • Clover-Induces either good or bad luck
  • Balloon-Allows the user to levitate items
  • Shooting Star-Gives the user temporary flight
  • Pot of Gold-Gives the user currency of the country they are in
  • Magic Mirror-User can see glimpses of the future, but may be misleading
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