Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus’ Plow
Ard plough






Increases unselfish behavior


None Identified


Plowing a field

Collected by

Warehouse 11







Date of Collection

February 3, 1743



Estimated to have lived from 519 to 430 B.C.E, Cincinnatus was at one point a very wealthy Roman aristocrat, who was known for his efforts against policies that improved the lives of plebeians. Unfortunately, his son Caeso Quinctius inherited his father’s tastes, and chased away peasants from the political forums to prevent them from interfering. This overt act of control led to Caeso’s arrest, subsequent bail, a nd escape from the country – which meant his father Cincinnatus was forced to pay the state a fine so crippling that the former aristocrat had to retire his family to a small farm and live off the land. Yet from this situational irony, Cincinnatus became one of the greatest Roman heroes.

A year after his fall from grace he was elected one of the two suffect consul in the Senate, and was highly praised for his work then – which is why when Rome was under attack by the Aequians in 458, the Senate voted Cincinnatus as Magister Populi, or dictator! Though the term lasted six months, Cincinnatus retired after fifteen days; he had defeated the enemy by then, and refused to hold the title longer than necessary. This happened again in 439, and again Cincinnatus was given the title of dictator, only to resign it when the crisis was averted, this time within a week of receiving the honor.

It was at one point attained by Augustine Warner, a Virginian colonist, who likely only used it until a more contemporary plow could be bought. Regardless, however, it was kept in his family as an antique until being collected by Warehouse 11 in 1743 - just not before it permanently influenced Augustine’s young great-grandchild, George Washington. During its return to America under Warehouse 13, it was graciously stored off-site by former agent Walt Disney and helped create one of his movies, “Hercules”.


Cincinnatus has been a symbol of civic virtue and modesty since, and the plow that he used to sow his fields after losing his wealth became an artifact as a result. Present when he received his first summons to be dictator, this plow attunes any who use it with increasingly selfless behavior as it is pushed along.

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