Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III's Candelabras
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Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III


Bronze Candelabra Set


Creates area of heightened arousal when lit


Owner becomes obsessed with romantic pursuits



Collected by

Warehouse 12



Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III was the first president of the French Second Republic and Emperor of the Second French Empire as Napoleon III. Though his reign advanced many aspects of the French society including education, banking systems and the railways, he let his womanizing ways interfere with his duties frequently.

He was known to have several mistresses, including his wife, and it is reported that some were brought in simply to appease him at times.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This set of candelabras, depicting a cherub on one and a faun on the other, represent the forces or romance and lust. When lit, any women caught in the glow will have their arousal increased, making them easy to seduce. The one who lit the candles will deveop an obsession with women, desiring more variety more often.

The artifact does not affect free will, and though difficult it is possible for a woman to resist and defy the effects of the candelabra.

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