Lonnie Johnson's Original Super Soaker
Fun for all ages


Lonnie Johnson


Toy water gun


Causes affected to revert to a child-like mindset


Must be undone with another blast from the soaker


Being sprayed with water from the super soaker.

Collected by

Artie Nielson



Date of Collection

June 30th, 1986



Lonnie Johnson is an American engineer who holds patents on over eighty inventions. Two of his most popular inventions have been the Super Soaker and the Nerf Gun. Having developed an interest in inventing since an early age, (building a robot named Linex, accidentally burning down his own house trying to make rocket fuel, etc.), Johnson joined the Air Force to work on their stealth bomber program, as well as work for NASA to work on the nuclear powered engines for the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

During his time at the Air Force he still had time to tinker. That was when he invented the Super Soaker, (originally called the "Power Drencher"). It was bought by the Larami Corporation, which was then bought by Hasbro. The Super Soaker remains as one of their top-selling products.


When someone is sprayed with the water from Super Soaker, he/she will revert to a child-like temperament. Will be undone with another blast from the toy.


Collected from an Air Force base where a hardened Lieutenant Colonel and his men were having a water fight with the soaker, a hose, and barrage of water balloons. It was replaced with a duplicate and sent to the toy museum.

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