Battle of Long Island War Trumpet
George Washington's War Trumpet


The Battle of Long Island


War Trumpet


Produces thick fog


Intensifies feelings of failure


Sensing nearby/upcoming defeat

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D


Aisle 28D-02A



Date of Collection

June 3, 1977



Fought on August 27th, 1776 The Battle of Long Island was the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War. A hard fought battle eventually turned into a victory for the British army and the retreat of General George Washington and his men.

After defeating the British in the Siege of Boston Washington brought his army to defend the port of New York before traveling to Manhattan Island. Knowing that the harbor would provide an excellent base for the British Navy Washington established defenses there and waited for the attack. Unknown to Washington the British, led by General William Howe, landed on the sparsely-populated Staten Island, as well as sending forces around the Americas as well. After five days the British attacked from the front as while they were preoccupied with the British launched a second wave to attack an unguarded flank. In surprise the Americans panicked, resulting in twenty percent loss in casualties and captures. Washington's reinforcements of Maryland troops prevented more loss.

While Britain readied for a battle, Washington withdrew the entire American army to Manhattan without further loss of supplies or life. Weather historians believed that he timed it with a thick fog that rolled in to cover their retreat.


Spews out thick fog that obscures movement to everybody inside it, making the perfect cover for retreat or infiltration. Wielder will enter a slight guilt trip and worsen any feelings of failure. Activated by proximity to defeat, normally from the user.

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