Lonely Christmas Ornaments
Ornaments S3E13.png


Unrecorded individual


Christmas baubles


Causes friends and relatives to forget owner


Owner dies on Christmas day


Hanging at Christmas

Collected by

Artie Nielson


Aisle of Noel





Date of Collection

December 25th, 1999


Origin[edit | edit source]

The original owner of these artifact is unknown as he had no friends or family to identify him. His body was found on the 12th of January, 1989, in Maysville, Kentucky. He was assumed to have died on Christmas day, but was not discovered until much later when the local library, to which he was a frequent visitor, reported that he hadn't been seen. 

The contents of his home were donated to charity and the ornaments were picked up by a retirement home. Warehouse attention was drawn after six concurrent years of residents dying of no apparent cause on Christmas morning. No staff reported any unusual behavior, though they all admitted, somewhat ashamedly, to not forgetting to check the resident until the next morning.

The five artifacts were safely collected and there were no further deaths, though since their retrieval the home has found a large donation of gifts and food for the residents without family every Christmas morning.

These artifacts were seen in the Aisle of Noel in the season three episode "The Greatest Gift".

Effects[edit | edit source]

When hung around Christmas, either on a tree, mantle or window, everyone associated with the owner will forget about them during Christmas day. Any plans involving them will be changed and accidents will occur preventing anyone from coming into contact with them.

The artifact also increases depression in the owner, likened to feeling as though there is no love in the world. If left, the owner will die of intense loneliness on Christmas day. Once they have died, the effects stop and those affected will suddenly remember the victim, often feeling extreme guilt.

The effects only occur if the baubles are hung between December 15th and 24th.

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