Linda Hazzard's Wardrobe


Starvation Heights


Wooden wardrobe


User may sustain him/herself from others


The victims will slowly starve to death


Placing the possessions of others into the wardrobe

Collected by

Jack Secord and Rebecca St. Claire



Date of Collection

January 20th, 1955



Linda Hazzard was a quack doctor who strongly believed in the "fasting method". She would deprive her patients of food, believing that somehow eating little to no food would remove the toxins in their systems. She constructed a sanitarium called Wilderness Heights. Over forty patients died in her care, leading the building to be called "Starvation Heights". She would later be tried for malpractice and lose her license. Starvation Heights burned down, and Hazzard would be released from jail early. She would later continue to prescribe the fasting method, leading to more deaths. She eventually died from starvation after attempting another fasting regiment herself.


Placing the possessions of others into the wardrobe will allow the user to live off of the energy/life of others. The user will feel healthy and full of energy. The victims, however, will slowly starve to death. After each victim has died the user must place new objects in the wardrobe to replace them. If no new victims are taken, the user will starve.


Collected by Jack and Rebecca after a string of burglaries lead to the victims being hospitalized for starvation. Jack and Rebecca were able to find the culprit and neutralize the wardrobe.

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