Linda's IrisPhone
"A dependable cellphone with (a) long battery life."


Linda (DreadOut)


Smart phone


Taking pictures of metaphysical beings will damage and eventually destroy or temporarily disperse them. Able to reveal things hidden to the human eye. User will gain basic knowledge of any metaphysical or created entity that has their picture taken.


User is susceptible to obtaining the ability to control the darkness in others. Creates physical manifestations of Indonesian supernatural entities, especially "The Lady in Red", who all may seek to possess other living beings. High chance the user may follow in her path. Using the flashlight decreases the effective range of the camera's photography.


Touch, taking pictures.







Date of Collection




This artifact originates from the Indonesian supernatural horror game "DreadOut", created in 2014 and finished in 2015. The player character, Linda, uses the IrisPhone's Camera to defend herself from hostile ghosts. It is also a prime way to solve puzzles. The IrisPhone allows her to see ghosts or things invisible to the human eye. The IrisPhone also has a flashlight option, allowing players to have a constant bright light so they can see where she is going. As a result, however, the picture must be taken at close range.


The IrisPhone is capable of revealing hidden things and entities otherwise invisible to the average human eye. However, the user will experience physical manifestations of the various ghosts, demons, and creatures encountered in the game, which the phone creates, especially the main "antagonist", the "Lady in Red". These entities may seek to possess others. The "Lady in Red" actively seeks out the user, and attempts to persuade the user to take her place, becoming more like her, and able to control the hidden darkness of others. Most entities are hostile, actively seeking to harm the user and others. The phone's camera is able to damage, and either destroy or temporarily disperse metaphysical and physical (but created by the phone) entities. Using the flashlight decreases the effective range of the camera.

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