Liberty Tree


Siege of Boston




Attacks oppressors or those loyal to the British Crown


Must be appeased with human blood


Sensing the presence of an oppressor or British Crown

Collected by

Unknown Warehouse 12 Agents



Date of Collection

March 17, 1776


Origin[edit | edit source]

The Liberty Tree was a an elm tree located in Boston. The Patriots staged their first act of defiance at the tree, and it became a symbol of their cause. During the Siege of Boston a Loyalist chopped down the tree and used it for firewood. The Patriots erected a pole in place of the tree, but the tree remains a stark symbol of freedom to this day. A quotation from Thomas Jefferson was, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Usage[edit | edit source]

When it senses the presence of an oppressor or those loyal to the British crown, the tree will lash out and attack. To neutralize it and keep it calm, large quantities of human blood must be fed to it regularly. To accommodate the tree, agents must weekly use Elizabeth Bathory's Bathtub to produce the blood to feed its roots. It doesn't seem picky as to where the blood comes from.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Warehouse 12 Agents collected the tree during the Siege of Boston. After hearing reports of the tree's activity from their contact in America, they saw the Siege of Boston as the perfect chaotic time to uproot the tree and replace it with another elm. During its stay at Warehouse 12 many of the agents found the tree to be brutish and irritating as it would try to bludgeon them to death to gain their blood.

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