Leslie and John Morton's Morgue Sheet


Leslie and John Morton


Morgue sheet


Nexus for lost people


Compels morbid thoughts


Always active

Collected by

S. Pocklinton


Ovoid Quarantine


Aisle 45

Date of Collection

September 4, 1926



Leslie and John Morton were brothers who were separated during the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, and both believed the other brother to be dead. They each sent similar telegraphs to their father stating they were looking for their lost sibling. They both eventually came to the same morgue to potentially identify their deceased brother, but upon grabbing the same morgue sheet to reveal the body beneath, they recognized each other and celebrated with their first bottle of Guinness.


The blanket is constantly active, and automatically pulls those that have lost each other toward itself. This includes physical separation where neither party knows where the other is, as well as emotional loss. Until the attracted people are reunited, they will automatically believe the other party to be dead despite evidence or prior knowledge.

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