Leonarda Cianciulli's Lye
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Leonarda Cianciulli


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Warehouse 13







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Origin[edit | edit source]

Leonarda Cianciulli (1894 - 1970) was an Italian serial killer who was known as the Soap-Maker of Correggio she murdered three women in the town of Correggio, Reggio Emilia and turned their bodies into soap and teacakes. When she was younger she married a man who was not who her parents favored. Enraged her mother placed a curse upon her. Ignoring this Leonarda and her husband moved to Potenza, where Leonarda was arrested for fraud. When released they relocated to Avellino but an earthquake took their home, finally they moved to Reggio Emilia where Leonarda opened a shop, she was very popular and well respected within her neighborhood. The troubles didn't end there as Leonarda had a hard time conceiving, eventually having four children who survived to maturity.

When Leonarda learned her eldest son was drafted into the Italian Army in preparation for World War Two she decided to protect him at all costs and in her mind that meant human sacrifices. The first victim came to Leonarda for aid to find a husband, trusting she would know what was right. The second and third were looking for work and despite growing rumors that the first victim was last seen at her shop they trusted Leonarda completely. Eventually she was caught, confession when police believed it was her son that had killed the woman, even then it took a detailed confession for them to believe that Leonarda could ever do something like this.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Possessor gains popularity, those charmed by the possessor feels safe, prolonged use brings on cannibalistic tendencies, especially when lye is exposed to the air. When removed from users they will suffer from bad luck for an extended period of time. Length unknown as all previous owners of the pouch prior to the Warehouse collecting it were already deceased.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Was removed from Jean-Bédel Bokassa's possession when he was removed to be bronzed. Pouch must remain closed at all times.

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