Leonarda Cianciulli's Cake Shovel


Leonarda Cianciulli


Cake Shovel


Makes user superstitious to the extent of performing human sacrifice


User will become a cannibal


Close Proximity

Collected by

Hugo Miller


The Dark Vault


Podium 16

Date of Collection

October 9th, 1971


Origin[edit | edit source]

Leonarda Cianciulli was an Italian female serial killer and cannibal, also known as "The Soap Maker of Corregio." An extremely superstitious woman, she believed that her mother had cursed her on her wedding day. She was told by a fortune teller that all of her children would die, and a palm-reader told her she would spend her life in prison and an asylum.

After losing 13 of her 17 children to miscarriages and childhood illnesses, she believed that in order to save her remaining children, her eldest soon to join the Italian Army in WW2, she must perform human sacrifices. Known to be a bit psychic herself, she often had neighbors over seeking her advice. Her three victims, all neighbor women, were drugged with spiked wine, killed with an axe, then made into teacakes and soap. She at the cakes as well as served them to company and her unknowing husband, and the soap was given away as gifts.

During the investigation of the disappearance of one of the women, a policemen questioned Cianciulli. She confessed immediately, although was unrepentant. She spent the rest of her life in jail, with her final three in a mental asylum.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The cake shovel was the same one used to serve the cakes made of the remains of her victims. It absorbed her superstitious nature and cannibalistic habits. When touched, the cake shovel gives the user the desire to kill people, then make their remains into food.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The cake shovel was recovered by Agent Hugo Miller from the Criminological Museum in Rome, which also houses the pot used to make the soap. Interestingly enough, the pot is not an artifact.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored in the Dark Vault.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. It is advised that the handler places this artifact quickly into a neutralizer container to avoid succumbing to the effects, which typically activate within thirty seconds of touching the artifact.


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