Lee and Marina Oswald's’ Wedding Rings
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Lee and Marina Oswald


Pair of wedding rings







Collected by

Agent Jennifer Lockhart







Date of Collection

1965 and 2016


Origin[edit | edit source]

Lee and Marina Oswald were married in 1961 until his death in 1963. The pair met at a dance after Lee had defected to the Soviet Union and were married six weeks later. Soon their first daughter June was born in 1962 and they returned to American moving to Dallas, Texas.

Early in 1963 they met Ruth Paine and George de Mohrenschildt. It was after this meeting when Lee started to change and Marina started to feel trapped. The man that she had fallen in love with started to get paranoid and aggressive always thinking that someone was out to get her. As a beautiful woman Marina was often admired and leered at by the men of Dallas, only adding fuel to Lee's paranoia.

In April of 1963 Marina and June left Lee who had been fired from yet another job, moving in with a friend, Ruth Paine. Though despondent and even leaving Dallas for a few months Lee seemed to have returned a changed man wanting to make it up to Marina, even getting a new job to prove himself to her. It was through Paine that Lee was fired as an order filler at the Texas School Book Depository.

While Lee was imprisoned for the assassination of JFK Marina gave birth to their second daughter Audrey. When questioned later on if her ex-husband (due to Lee being killed himself by Jack Kirby) was guilty she admitted that she believed he did it but saw it more as random circumstances falling into place that made Lee do what he did. A small part of her blamed herself. She was often seen during her interviews twisting her wedding band out of habit.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Lee’s: Wearer understands and speaks Russian but will make wearer abusive, especially towards spouse or closest stand-in figure.

Marina’s: Wearer understands and speaks Russian but this knowledge will overwrite original spoken/understood language.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Agents were able to collect Lee's ring while he was awaiting trial however they were lost after the assassin was assassinated and locked up in evidence. They were able to collect Marina's after she remarried. In 2016 former agent Jennifer Lockhart was able to obtain Lee's ring and deliver it to the Warehouse.

While awaiting the collection of Lee's ring Marina's was known to create bad energy around it often effecting other artifacts around it. Thus the ring was placed in a special box. Once Lee's ring was placed next to it, it no longer caused problems.

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