Leather Strap from the First Iron Spike Chair
Restraint with cuffs


First iron spike chair


Leather strap


When fastened around a chair, it creates many iron spikes.


Spikes can easily and instantly pierce through flesh.


Fastening around a chair

Collected by

Warehouse 8







Date of Collection

September 13, 1489



This strap was collected from one of the various Iron chairs used in the Spanish Inquisition. Although one of many variations of the iron chair (most of which involved roasting or boiling the victim alive), this strap was used on the variation that would have had anywhere between 500 and 1500 spikes on it designed to pierce the vctim's flesh, but keep the blood inside so as to delay unconsciousness and death.


When fastened completely around a chair (and, if present, the sitter), many iron spikes will instantly cover the chair, piercing whatever is on the chair. As long as the strap remains fastened, the spikes will hold the victim's blood in, keeping them alive if they do not pass out from pain or shock. If unfastened, the spikes will retract and vanish, although their wounds will remain, allowing the victim to bleed freely.


  • This artifact was the second one used in Retritaliation by Agent Scott against "PhOto" Barry, in order to kill the latter's clone. After the incident, it was returned to the Warehouse.
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