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As a young daughter of a settler family, Laura Ingalls Wilder was constantly on the move across the vast American Midwest. They moved from Missouri to Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakota Territory in search of a permanent homestead. The family finally settled in De Smet, South Dakota after enduring evictions, blizzards and crop failures.

While living there, Laura met her future husband Almanzo Wilder and briefly taught as an elementary schoolteacher, more out of financial rather than personal choice. However, their early years of marriage were marked by injury, unfortunate accidents and the death of her young son. They later relocated to Missouri and developed a farming estate, which produced only a meager amount at first until they became more experienced and wealthy.

Taking a position as a column writer, Laura became attracted towards writing her story of living on the frontier from an early age. She took to her memory and penned Little House on the Prairie and its follow-ups, detailing the trials and triumphs of her pioneer life. Edited by her daughter, the series garnered great attention as a literary masterpiece, especially among children’s literature.


Entering recreates projections of the user’s memories upon the walls. It chooses to show the idealized, happy moments when the user is satisfied with life and the more matured, grungier aspects whenever they are experiencing self-pity or regret. If not pulled out by another, the user risks becoming emotionally trapped by the wonderful times and tormented by their biggest turmoils until they complete dissociate with the world.

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