Laura Bassi's Sample of Water
Water carafe
“Got a neutralizer container sitting here all ready for whenever it decides to be found” - Leena


Laura Bassi




Scientific research, curiosity enhancement


Hides physical work of user




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Granted a professorship in physics by the University of Bologna, Lauri Bassi tutored young pupils beginning in 1732. However, her gender dissuaded the university from allowing her to recite public lectures to all male classes. Instead, she privately educated students, keeping correspondence with luminaries from Volta to Voltaire. Longtime friend Pope Benedict XIV formed the Benedettini with 25 scholars under the one stipulation Bassi was a member. The others approved, but only if Bassi was barred from voting privileges.

During her forays into science, Bassi wrote approximately the same amount of yearly material as her male counterparts for academic review. Her noteworthy papers discussed the properties of water, electric currents and bubbles within her own revisions of Newton and Franklin's theorems.

Of note, Bassi was the second woman to ever receive a university degree. Interestingly, Maria Goeppert-Maye, who passed away the very same day in 1972, was the second woman to receive a Nobel Prize in physics for crucial wartime nuclear research. Coincidence sure is a mercurial imp, as Artie says.


Imparted with her vast research into the physical world, one sample of water retains her yearn to learn. Contact expands the user's natural curiosity and reception to scientific information, allowing them to understand various sciences at an accelerated rate. Of note is a strange shroud that obscures any of the physical achievements from direct view. Only intense scrutiny and the expectation to find something will the objects reveal themselves again. The water will duplicate its effect upon any other sample when in a container, otherwise it will just coagulate together into a large bubble when spilled.

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