Komura Jutaro's Administrator Star
Paulownia star komura


Komura Jutaro


Ceremonial Order of the Paulownia Flowers Star


Can incite large groups to reach compromises


Exacerbates any unresolved resentment into potential conflict


Wearing and Transferring Post/Position

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

July 18, 2015



Marquess Komura Jutarō, (小村 壽太郎, September 16, 1855 – November 25, 1911) was a diplomat in Meiji period (1868-1912) Japan who helped pivot the country from an isolated island nation to an internationally involved government. His resume is chock full of ambassadorships, ministry posts and foreign affair sit-downs. Jutarō was often present for hammering out the details of peace treaties – or their craterous ruins.

A misunderstanding over an old agreement led to the Japanese attacking the Qing army for encroaching into Korean territory. After a year of toiling, Jutarō oversaw the terms and conditions of China’s surrender. He was later the signatory of Japan during the Empress’ surrender after the Boxer Rebellion. A temporary Anglo-Japanese Alliance was settled under his control to fend off their shared enemy of Russia, who attacked in 1904. Jutarō reclaimed some national composure with the Treaty of Portsmouth a year later. However, the American delegates basically forced him to accept half the island Sakhalin as payment to avert restarting the conflict, and got nothing else in return.


Presented to the newly honored marquess to recognizes workers who directly serve the national government with honors. Can affect large groups of rival factions (armies, sports hooligans, dance crews) that want to crush their enemy more than cooperate. Makes the crowds more lenient in choosing which losses are acceptable and what return results are favorable. Often makes bitter rivals just call a fair draw. Or it can just deepen any underlying feuds between the groups into outright violence. Either result is completely possible until the very end of the confrontation.

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