Knife from Yuan Chonghuan's Torture
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The torture/death of Yuan Chonghuan


Ming Dynasty Chinese torture knife


User can slowly and remotely remove sections of flesh of those they concentrate on.


User develops a desire to consume the flesh of their victim.


Holding, concentration

Collected by

Oto Barry


Out and About List/Catalogued for Vlad-768R

Date of Collection

May 11, 2005


Origin[edit | edit source]

Yuan Chonghuan was a famed patriot and military commander of the Ming Dynasty who battled the Manchus in Liaoning. Outside the city wall of Beijing, he defeated the Manchurian "Eight Banners" which numbered around 100,000 men, but failed to destroy the Manchu army. Despite the fact that Yuan prevented the Manchus from even reaching the city wall, Yuan was heavily criticized when he arrived in Beijing, and some eunuchs even accused Yuan of collaborating with the enemy.

The Chongzhen Emperor ordered Yuan's arrest during an audience with the Emperor on 13 January 1630. Despite little evidence, he was accused of collusion with the enemy and condemned to death by "slow slicing" at Ganshiqiao in Beijing. When Yuan was asked for last words before his execution, he produced the poem: "A life's work always ends up in vain; half of my career seems to be in dreams. I do not worry about lacking brave warriors after my death, for my loyal spirit will continue to guard Liaodong". Imperial records show he took half a day to die.

It was said that upon hearing of his apparent "betrayal", many Beijing residents hated him so much that they rushed to buy his body parts so they could eat them. He was left there after the torture, shouting for half a day before stopping. His head, the only recognizable part after the torture, was taken outside the Inner City Wall by a city guard, whose surname is She, and buried in Huashi near Guangqumen.

Effects[edit | edit source]

While held, the dagger allows the user to slowly and remotely rend portions of flesh from whomever they concentrate on, provided the subject is within their sight. The dagger, however, also causes the user to develop a desire to consume the rended flesh of their target.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was collected by presumably deceased ex-Agent Oto Barry after a trip to China (under the alias William V. McCormack) on May 11, 2005. It has remained in his possession ever since.

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