Kerry King's B.C. Rich KKV Signature V Guitar


Kerry King




If someone were to play the guitar, it would shoot out small bursts of flame from the headstock.


If the user keeps on making mistakes on the guitar, it will burn them until they either play the music correctly or they die from being set on fire.


Playing the guitar. But using Kerry's Pick with the guitar (as the guitar recognizes the pick) will make sure that the guitar does not burn the user.

Collected by

Mr. Kipling







Date of Collection




Kerry Ray King (born June 3, 1964) is an American musician, best known as the lead and rhythm guitarist for the American thrash metal band Slayer. He co-founded the band with Jeff Hanneman in 1981 and has been a member ever since. He has made guest appearances with acts including the Beastie Boys, Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Anthrax, Ice-T, Witchery, Sum 41, Megadeth and Metallica. He is known for playing B.C. Rich guitars with Marshall amplifiers.

King was born in Los Angeles, California. His father was an aircraft parts inspector, and his mother was an employee of a telephone company. When he was a teenager, Kerry started learning guitar at Calvano's music in South Gate Ca. Russ Dismuke was his teacher. Kerry began his career in a Pat Boone cover band. Kerry moved to Phoenix, Arizona as an adult. He divorced once; his current wife is Ayesha King. In 1981 King was trying out for the position as a guitarist in a band. After the session was over Jeff Hanneman approached him and the two began playing Iron Maiden and Judas Priest songs with the session drummer. Hanneman mentioned "Why don’t we start our OWN band?” [Laughs] I was like, “… Fuck yeah!" King's trademark appearance, was praised to such a degree by Blender magazine, who included a tour of his body ink. King's acronym, KFK, was revealed to mean "Kerry Fuckin' King" in the January 2007 Issue of Guitar World. King currently resides in Corona, California.


After grabbing the pick, Mr. Kipling thought about Kerry and if there were anything else made by the guitarist. So after searching around he found out that a guitar was stolen, and easily found a link to a person being burned alive, which people contributed to spontaneous combustion. Finding out it was Kerry's guitar, Mr. Kipling took it from the person who retrieved it, and it's now in the Warehouse with the pick right near it.

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