Karen Carpenter's Drum Set
They long to be close to you.


Karen Carpenter


Drum set


Summons birds to the user


Birds may become emotionally attached


playing drums

Collected by

Claudia Donovan







Date of Collection

November 11th, 2017



Karen Carpenter was a singer/songwriter and half of the duo "The Carpenters". Hailed as one of the greatest female singers in history, Carpenter had a life full of ups and downs. After releasing her first few songs with her brother Richard, she rose to success quickly. Along with her beautiful, clear voice she was also a talented drummer. The snare drum was her favorite. She was also known for wearing a t-shirt with the words "Lead Sister" as she played.

Despite her success, her personal life wasn't as serene as her on-stage performances. In addition to her divorce, most of Carpenter's life she spent battling the eating disorder anorexia. She would often go long stretches eating very little, once being weighed at only 95 pounds. She would later ask for help with her disorder, but the damage had been done. Due to heavy use of ipecac, a drug used to stimulate the gag reflex and induce vomiting, along with laxatives and thyroid medications, Carpenter had caused heavy damage to her body. This resulted in complications with her heart, leading to heart failure.

Her death brought a new light to eating disorders and anorexia, which previously had been unknown to most of the population. Her family started the Karen A. Carpenter Memorial Foundation, which raised money for research on anorexia and eating disorders.


When played, the drums produce a sound that resonates in the brains of birds that controls emotions such as affection and love. This will summon all the birds from the nearby area around the user. The birds will obey any command provided that it is sung to them. The effects are believed to stem from one of the Carpenters biggest hits, "They Long To Be (Close to You)".


Collected by Claudia after a series of robberies were discovered in Chicago. The only evidence that was left behind were the feathers of various birds. Claudia was able to trace the mysterious fowl to a criminal's nearby hideout, which was swarming with birds who refused to leave his side.

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