Kádár's Mother's Cookbook
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Borbála Csermanek, mother of János Kádár




User will be able to monetarily provide for his/her children


Will disfigure the user's hands



Collected by

Artie Nielsen


The Library Section

Date of Collection

June 30th 1989



Borbála Csermanek was the mother of János Kadar, the Hungarian Communist leader of Hungary. She led a hard life; the fathers of both her children left her before they were born, she had to leave János with a foster family as she worked several jobs to support both of them. Her heavy workloads led the disfigurement of her hands. Kadar would later say that his childhood with his mother lead him to become a Marxist.


Reading the book will bring the user enough money through various coincidences to care for the user's children. The money produced will only be enough to care for basic needs. The users hands will begin to roughen after a few days until they became nearly crippled with strain and arthritis.


Artie collected this from the manager of a struggling orphanage in New York City. The woman managing it was mentioned in the paper for winning several consecutive contests such as the Piggly Wiggly shopping spree and the K-Mart Back-to-School Grabathon. Her picture in the paper showed that her hands were severely rough and cracked. When Artie found the artifact she was beginning to suffer from the extreme arthritis despite the fact that she was 38 years old. After Artie left with the cookbook the good fortune ceased, but the next day the manager found a plate of several solid gold cookies. Frederick didn't comment on the incident besides telling Artie that Christopher Müller’s Gold Tooth had chocolate on it.

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