Kōjin's Hearth Stone


Kōjin, Shinto God of Fireplace and home


Stone with Kōjin inscription


Absorbs fire and destructive forces into itself and converts it into protective force


Will only work for the good hearted


Being in the presence of fire or destructive energy

Collected by

Warehouse 4 Agents



Date of Collection

434 AD - 453 AD


Origin[edit | edit source]

Kōjin is the Shinto God of the fireplace, the home, cooking, and protection of the home. He is commonly depicted with three heads. He is associated with the power to turn dangerous forces of nature, such as fire, into something benevolent for humans. He is also said to watch over the household and report good or bad behavior to the rest of the Shinto gods or Kami.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The stone absorbs all fire or any other type of destructive energy. It stores the energy within itself, then uses it to protect those it considers to be good. It seems to be a good judge of character.

The stone redirects energy so that it becomes useful. One way that it does this is the example of fire. Should it sense fire nearby it will absorb the heat into itself then release the fire to form a wall of flames between an innocent and an attacker.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Collected by the Hun forces during the reign of Warehouse 4. During spring cleaning the hearth stone will collect any stray electrical energy and allow itself to be hooked up to any electrical grid to power necessary warehouse systems. Leena once said that it was one of the most compliant, pleasant artifacts in the Warehouse.

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