Justa Grata Honoria’s Engagement Ring
Roman ring harmony


Justa Grata Honoria


Engagement Ring


Attracts incompatible suitors


User fades away



Collected by

Warehouse 4



Date of Collection

449 CE



Being a sibling to the Roman Emperor should, in theory, grant one privileges not normally attainable by the common folk. Like courting and marriage to one’s own chosen spouse. Not if your brother is Valentinian III, and they arrange your marriage to a “safe” (sic: obedient) senator.

Unable to convince her mother to reject the proposal, she went to the one person who would listen. Attila the Hun? Yes. Despot and enemy to the empire was sent Justa’s engagement ring by courier. Attila understood it as a marriage proposal, but Justa was just asking for help. He marched into the capital asking for her hand in marriage and half the kingdom as dowry, but left without either. Records about her life after the failed incident are non-existent, leading to the belief she either passed away or was assassinated.


Combined with the confusion of being a political pawn and a lovelorn quest to find companionship, Honoria’s ring recreated her turmoil. Placing it on a finger and then giving to another will make the receiver feel attracted to the activator. However, only people with the least amount of compatible interests and positive traits will feel pulled to the person. Everybody on the rejected date pile for psychopathy and eating the last Oreo will feel a need to seek them out.

As the weeks continue, the user slowly begins to lose their own willpower. People ignore anything the user says. All their actions are attributed to others. Eventually, they start to lose structural stability and slowly fade into nothingness.

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