Juan de la Cosa's Mappa Mundi
Mappa mundi de la cosa


Juan de la Cosa


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Shows diagrams of unrecorded expedition notes


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As a companion of Christopher Columbus, Juan de la Cosa was one among the first group of Europeans to land in the New World. During their initial voyage, Cosa was owner of the Santa María, the largest ship in the expedition. At least until a cabin boy rammed the ship into a sandbank on arrival.

Upon return home, he created the first known maps showing both Europe and the New World. Probably ordered for the royal court, the maps demonstrated the new landmass based on all expeditions made up to the 1400s. Cosa later partnered on journeys with Alonso de Ojeda and Amerigo Vespucci, visiting modern-day Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. Between visits, he spied on the Portuguese to check on the competition for Castile.


Will begin drawing maps, schematics, accounts and other images found during the course of a mission. All information shown was never previously recorded, including personal opinions of crew members.

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