Jost Burgi Armillary Sphere


Jost Burgi


Armillary Sphere


When held up to eye allows secrets in paintings to be revealed.


User cannot drive motorized vehicles forcing them to walk everywhere for three days (Only other exception is travel by ship, affected person's touch basically fries all circuits in automobiles, aircrafts, etc.)


When used

Collected by

Artie Nielson





Jost Burgi (1552 - 1632) was a Swiss clockmaker, inventor of astronomical instruments and a mathematician. Due to his love of clocks he crafted one of the first Mechanized Armillary Sphere. Even though it appeared to be a simple Armillary Sphere, Burgi, along with astronomer Johannes Kepler and fellow Swiss mathematician Conrad Dasypodius, knew his secret. Aside from mapping the skies with it, it could tell time anywhere in the world if you knew the trick to moving the many arms.

It was first seen in the episode "No Pain, No Gain" as one of the many artifacts stolen by the "Brotherhood".


When the metal rings are aligned in a certain way then held up to a painting, any secrets hidden within by the artist can be seen. When holding the object up, the love and excitement that Burgi felt when inventing seeps into the user which causes their hands to disable down most modes of transportation aside from sailing for three days.

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