Joseph Bolitho Johns’ Axe
Joseph Bolitho Johns’ Axe
a.k.a Moondyne Joe


Joseph Bolitho Johns


Handheld axe


Opens holes in walls


Impaired decision making


Striking a wall

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection




Joseph Bolitho Johns (1826 - 1900) was Western Australia's best known bushranger. Born into poor and relatively difficult circumstances, he became a petty criminal robber with a strong sense of self-determination. He was known for his multiple successful escapes from prison. His first arrest was for stealing food and other goods. Johns abrasive nature got him and his cohort convicted and sentenced ten years. Six years in he managed to escape twice under mysterious methods, cutting the locks and bars to escape into the Australian bush.

By then, Johns had a gang but the leader of a rival gang, James Everett sold him out and for the final time Johns was sent to prison. It only took another half a year before Johns escaped again, working in the yard to pile up dirt at a slow but steady pace. When it was large enough to hide his actions he got through the fence and fled only to be caught again. Finally he was put in an escape-proof cell only to get out again. He seemed to have gone straight as his criminal activities were none and he finally escaped.

Used by Johns’ friend to help break him out of prison.


Striking a wall causes a hole to open for three minutes. Tempts the user to follow the first harebrained scheme that pops into their head and stick with it. Unfortunately, they do not always plan out the specifics and end up getting in more trouble then they began


Barbosa’s lover used it to free him several times before he killed her as well. Was removed from Police Evidence after Daniel Camargo Barbosa was arrested and brought to the Warehouse.

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