Thou Jolt A Cannon/Jonathan Coulton's Guitar


Jonathan Coulton/Ask Me Another




Person playing and singing will sing certain songs in re-written ways


Will anagram words and names around it


Playing the guitar

Collected by

Consultants Bri & Tyler Lepido




"Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton!"

"Thou Jolt A Canon"

The Bellhouse/Hot Heel Blues, 2012 Edit

Best known for his singles, Re: Your Brains, Still Alive, and Want you Gone, Jonathan Coulton took up a new gig in 2012 when he became the 'One-Man House Band' for the NPR trivia show Ask Me Another. The show is an hour of word games, but one of the common style of games are musical games where Coulton plays classic songs that are re-written for the the game at hand. For example, from the game "We're Not Gonna Bake It" (based on the Twisted Sister's 'We're Not Gonna Take It")

We're not gonna bake it, no, we ain't gonna bake it. We're not gonna bake it anymore. We've got the right to hate this last Christmas when we ate this. It weighed a ton; it made us gag.

(The answer is Fruitcake)

Warehouse/A Hue Worse,Today Edit

When Tyler and Bri Lepido returned from their honeymoon, no one was expecting them to come back with an artifact in tow.

They'd went to a live showing of Ask Me Another and Bri had picked up on the guitar's artifact energies and while she distracted the guitarist after the show, Tyler snagged it and replaced it.

Trivia/Air I TV Edit

  • Commonly creates anagrams of it's display unit and those round it. A simple hard knock to the unit will jostle the letters back into place.
  • Does not play well with 'Glee' artifacts
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