John Tunstall's Horse Saddle
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John Tunstall




Desire to control local beef markets


Any rivalries can turn violent




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Origin[edit | edit source]

Tunstall had established a large ranching operation in Lincoln County, New Mexico, in 1876, stepping into the middle of a dangerous political and economic rivalry for control of the region. J.J. Dolan and L.G. Murphy operated a general store called The House, which controlled access to lucrative beef contracts with the government. The big ranchers didn’t believe merchants should dominate the beef markets and began to challenge The House. Tunstall soon became a leader of the anti-House forces after realizing he sided with the ranchers. He won Dolan’s and Murphy’s lasting enmity by establishing a competing general merchandise store in Lincoln.

In 1878, The House used its considerable political resources to strike back at Tunstall, winning a court order demanding that Tunstall turn over some of his horses to pay an outstanding debt. When Tunstall refused, the House-controlled Lincoln County sheriff dispatched a posse to take him in. Tunstall galloped straight up to the posse to protest its presence on his property. One of the members pulled his gun and shot Tunstall dead with a bullet to the head, sparking what became known as the Lincoln County Wars.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Use of the Saddle causes the user to fight for control over beef markets in the area. Extended use can cause enmity from rivals in the area, leading to them killing the user.

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