John Stapp’s Rocket Sled
Rocket sled stapp


John Stapp


Rocket Sled


Allows the user to withstand large changes in acceleration


User will become more willing to do dangerous tasks


Turning on the engine and riding

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Danger Room



Date of Collection

March 15, 2013



John Stapp was a United States Air Force officer, surgeon and test subject. He participated in experiments studying the effects of acceleration on the human body to create better safety equipment for airplane crashes. Stapp frequently volunteered for the rocket sled, where he tested out safety belts and positions at extreme speeds. He demonstrated that the body is able to withstand at least 46 G and 600 mph, which was the highest acceleration reached by any human on purpose.


The user’s body becomes highly resistant to large changes in acceleration. This allows them to complete maneuvers in pressurized environments without risk of health damage. However, they still require oxygen and must have a source of it when entering a pressurized area. The user will become more willing to do tasks others consider reckless or unsurvivable.

It is harnessed to the floor and has sandbags piled around it to prevent it from accidently activating and, as Artie puts it, blowing a hole through the Warehouse.

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