John Smith of Jamestown's Sword
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John Smith of Jamestown




Wields itself and duels with expert prowess


Causes the user home city to suffer from various incidents


Using in a duel

Collected by

Grigory Dominivo







Date of Collection

November 9, 1823



John Smith was an English explorer who played an important part in the establishment of the first North American British colony, Jamestown. He explored the neighboring Chesapeake area and New England and helped run the colony of Virginia later on. He made the colonists work for their food and helped the colony survive in the face of inclement weather, a swampy environment, unwillingness of settlers to work, lack of food and native attacks.

Early on in his time at the colony, he was captured by the neighboring Powhatans and was about to be executed when the chief’s daughter, Pocahontas, threw herself over him to stop them from killing. Many think this was now a story fabricated by Smith.

He personally used the sword in several duels during his service in Central Europe, after a Transylvanian prince knighted him. Smith then carried this with him to the New World, where it disappeared after his death. It managed to make its way back to Europe and floated around for decades until Warehouse 11 agent Grigory Dominivo captured it on a trip in Salzburg, Austria.


When used in a duel, the user’s expertise and handling of it is increased tenfold. The sword is thought to tap into the spiritual or mental strength of the wielder; the stronger their will, the harder the sword fights. If it is activated without a handler, the sword can move autonomously and thrust, parry and hack any opponent to death using expert finesse.

When used, the wielder’s hometown will be subjected to various problems and issues.

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