John Langdon Down's Stencils
Stencil kit


John Langdon Down




Stabilizes physical or mental health


Usage of cruder and less refined vocabulary to communicate



Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 7, 1977



John Langdon Down had an opportunity rich future laid out in front of him, already the recepient of medical honors. His desire to focus on studying the mentally handicapped, then referred to as idiots in the 1800s, puzzled many of his friends. The Royal Earlswood Asylum hired him to treat their patients, who were all neglected and shoved out from public concern. Alongside his wife Mary, they reformed the methodology at Earlswood. Children were kept clean, given hobbies and never punished. Down later resigned when officials refused to place Mary on the payroll for her contributions.

After his departure, Down moved on to founding his own institution. Normansfield tended to the mentally disabled children of the upper class, educating them during their stay. Down found they were all very responsive to group work and adored working in the stables or playing their latest puppet show in the theater.

Down believed that although there existed physiological and intellectual differences between different races of people, all had individuals with lesser developed cognitive function. Although now regarded as racially insensitive today, it was considered radical then because it affirmed that everybody must be related to a degree to be afflicted by the same disorder. Today we classify his descriptions as Down Syndrome, caused by the presence of an extra chromosome which affects growth and brain development.


Imbued with his passion for providing attentive care to people with mental disabilities. Drawing will temporarily fix the user's physical health if they have a stable psyche. Those with any applicable disorder will become clear and focused for several days, allowing for easier communication of their condition to others.

Each person regresses back to their original condition after several days, although the user will remain happier than before. All affected will also explain issues to others using outdated or offensive terminology, even if they have friendlier ways of speaking.

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