John Jervis’ Ship
John Jervis’ Ship


John Jervis, 1st Earl of St. Vincent




Creates a fog that obscures and assists anything caught in its midst. Can also destroy objects, crowds and large structures the captain disagrees with


Eradication by the captain


Lowering the anchor

Collected by

Francis West, Mark Redenbacher, Marie Ann Shelly and Carmen Mezzaconi





Dock Station & Buoy No.


Date of Collection

February 23, 1905



John Jervis, 1st Earl of St. Vincent was an admiral in the 18th and 19th centuries and saw action in many wars. He became a patron of Horatio Nelson during the Napoleonic Wars and was known for his discipline. He made sure that none of his crew wanted to or could mutiny by keeping them happy but by also fiercely punishing those who disobeyed his rules. Likewise, he would sometimes greatly reward sailors if he liked their attitude.


When the anchor is dropped, she releases a wave of sea fog that obscures and destroys any form of structure, object or even people that the captain (namely whoever is piloting the ship) does not agree with. She also causes a boost in quality or fortune to whatever the captain favors, too.

She is only considered properly neutralized when the ship loses her commanding officer, i.e., killing the captain, physically separating them from the ship or dowsing the captain in neutralizer. The last way of neutralization is the most effective because if the ship doesn’t detect the captain present, she will turn another person into the captain to fill the role. Agents jokingly refer it to as the ‘Censor-Ship’.

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