John Doubleday's Clay Vase


John Doubleday


Clay Vase


Takes the life force of the breaker to repair itself.


Phantom voices beg the listener to break it when held.


Breaking and Holding

Collected by

Gladys Philbison


Dark Vault


Podium 13

Date of Collection

January 12th, 1933



Originally owned by John Doubleday, it is a perfect replica of an original 2nd century roman vase. Doubleday was a British restorer, crafter and dealer in antiquities who was employed by the British Museum for the last 20 years of his life. He is best known for his 1845 restoration of the severely-damaged Roman Portland Vase, an accomplishment that places him at the forefront of his profession at the time.

Supposedly, the vase was purchased by a wealthy art collector in the 1860s in Great Britain for a heavy price on the pretense that the vase was an original. When the art collector found out, he promptly broke it in a fit of rage and took his own life after a bout of heavy drinking. The vase was found to be back into pristine condition.


When walking near the vase, whispers can be hear emanating from it. While these are unintelligible at first, they become very clear when picked up. Telling the holder to break the vase, screaming it louder and louder til they do. When broken, the vase repairs itself by taking the life of the one who broke it, completely restoring it.

Storage and HandlingEdit

Stored in the Dark Vault on Podium 13.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory, however, the vase will still attempt communication with the holder through the gloves. There should be a one minute period of holding the vase, which the artifact should be placed in a neutralizer lined padded harness.

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