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Origin[edit | edit source]

John Dee was an astronomer, magician, mathematician, founder of the Enochian Language, and royal adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. His work combined the fields of science and magic, devoting his studies towards subjects such as alchemy, divination, astronomy and navigation. He was revered widely for his knowledge into philosophy and geometry, giving lectures at prestigious institutions. He saw the supernatural and scientific methods as merely different ways to understand the truth.

One of his areas of study was the search for a universal proto-language. Working with fellow occultist Edward Kelley, he claimed the language was revealed to him via Enochian angels. According to Dee’s journals, this “celestial speech” was used by Adam to describe Paradise during Biblical times, eventually transforming into Hebrew. Dee believed whoever understood these words could directly speak with angels and use the language God created and named the world with.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Allows for Transcendental Communication. The user can speak to any person they desire in any dialect or tongue they wish. When speaking, the user’s voice will sound like it is coming from above the user, situated somewhere in the heavens. The listener may be moved to believe the voice is spiritual, extraterrestrial or imaginary if not informed of its origin. Constant use between the same people slowly builds a linguistic connectivity understandable only to them. The downside is that the user’s body structure will slowly unravel. Genetic mutations, molecular changes and runaway chemical reactions can occur within the body and render it volatile or unstable.

Reading from Alexander of Abonoteichus' Grimorie with the talisman unleashes a combined artifact power, allowing the user to become a supreme being close to a literal god.

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