Johann Rall's Poker Deck
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Johann Rall


Poker deck


Makes everything else seem trivial to the person or people playing with them


Users will ignore dangers, including threats to themselves, in favor of finishing their game


Playing with

Collected by

Igor Tverdislavsky


Sun Tzu-28D



Date of Collection

February 17, 1810



Johann Gottlied Rall (or Rahl) was a German colonel, best known for being in command of Hessian troops in Trenton, New Jersey at the Battle of Trenton during the American War of Independence.

On the night of December 25–26, 1776 General George Washington crossed the Delaware River with his troops on the way to Trenton, New Jersey. The Hessian regiments, camped in and around Trenton, were attacked and decisively defeated by the American Continental Army. The Hessians had supposedly let their guard down to celebrate the Christmas holiday, and (legend has it) Rall himself was misled by John Honeyman, a spy of Washington who convincingly posed as a loyalist. According to one account, Rall was busy playing cards/chess the night before the attack at the home of Trenton merchant Abraham Hunt when he was handed a note from a local Loyalist who'd seen Washington's forces gathering. Then after receiving the message, placed it in his coat pocket without reading it.

While leading his troops in retreat from the battle of Trenton, Rall was struck by a musket ball. He died later that day from his injuries. The note informing the colonel of the attack was later found in his coat pocket.


Those who come into contact with the cards will all be compelled to play a game of poker. The urge is so strong that they players will see everything else other than the game as trivial and undeserving of their attention. However, the urge is so powerful that the players will also ignore anything that is a danger, even to themselves, including threats of harm and neglect of personal care.

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