Joe Ades's Potato Peeler
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Joe Ades


Potato Peeler


Improves user's salesmanship.


Effect is temporary.


Peel vegetables with the peeler.

Collected by

Agent Brady Brown


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Joseph "Joe" Ades (December 18, 1934–February 1, 2009), also known as the "Gentleman Peeler," was a well-known street potato peeler seller in New York City, USA.

From 1993 onward, Ades sold $5 Swiss-made metal potato peelers. Known for his engaging sales patter and demonstrations in places such as Union Square Greenmarket, while wearing $1,000 Chester Barrie suits and shirts from Turnbull & Asser. Ades never bothered with a license, meaning that he was often moved on by the New York City Police Department. His pitches and lifestyle eventually meant that he became so famous that he was the subject of a Vanity Fair article series.

Ades died on February 1, 2009, only a day after being informed that he had been granted American citizenship.


This was one of the peelers sold by Ades. When used, the user's salesmenship will be improved. However, the effect is only temporary.

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