Joan of Arc's Helmet
Joan of Arc's Helmet


Joan of Arc




Cures insanity and delusions.


Feeling of being burned alive.



Collected by

Warehouse 8 Agent



Date of Collection

December 9th, 1432



Joan of Arc was a teenaged girl in the 1400s, who at the young age of 18 dressed as a male soldier. She claimed that voices from God compelled her to join the army and defend France from England's rule during the Hundred Year War. She was later betrayed by her own people, who left her to be burnt at the stake by the English soldiers. She was later canonized as a saint. In one story, Joan was to meet King Charles the 7th, ruler of France. In order to test whether or not her claims of Divine inspiration to be true, he donned regular court clothes and placed a look-alike on the throne. When she came to meet the king she bowed before him in the crowd while ignoring the man on the throne. She said that God had told her who was the true king.


This helmet is able to cure insanity and delusions when worn. However, it will induce the feeling of being burned alive, beginning at the head and feet before spreading throughout the body. This lasts until the delusions are cured, though will continue indefinitely if the wearer suffers from no delusions and/or is telling the truth.


This artifact was collected by a Warehouse 8 agent sometime after Joan of Arc's death.

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