Jester's Mask
Venetian masquerade


Medieval Jester




User becomes joyous and comedic


Need to entertain may result in harm to the user



Collected by

Warehouse 5



Date of Collection

Mid-8th Century



A jester was historically an entertainer for noble households in the medieval and Renaissance periods, although the actual act of a person performing for the entertainment of others in the same way as a jester does has been noted throughout the centuries and cultures, with some records dating back to the ancient Egyptians and some performers continuing the practice in the modern day. Although most people associate jesters with jokesters and fools, they often had a much wider set of skills, including singing, music, storytelling, and magic tricks.


An artifact whose exact origins are unknown, but came from France in the medieval time period. Gives the user an extremely entertaining personality, though often at the user's personal expense. Can result in severe injuries or death occurring to the user, which others will initially find hilarious.


Collected from the area around France after reports of a woman who was so entertaining that when she died, people actually found her death hilarious, thinking it was part of her act. After a short time, they realized she was actually dead and were sorrowful of how they had acted.


  • Collection records indicate this artifact was collected at some time during the reign of Warehouse 5, though the exact date is unknown due to damage to some of the records, Warehouse employees managed to narrow down its collection date to sometime in the mid-8th century.
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