Jemmy Hirst's Carriage Wheel


Jemmy Hirst


Wooden Carriage Wheel


Rolls unharmed form and form of explosion or crash


Actively tries to cause as many as possible

Collected by







N/A (Affixed to floor)

Date of Collection




James "Jemmy" Hirst was an 18th century eccentric and animal tamer. He displayed signs or oddness at an early age, when he trained a hedgehog to follow him around and was eventually kicked out of his school for his repeated pranks. He married a tanners daughter who passed away from smallpox after he saved her from drowning in a river, many believe this as the point where his sanity broke.

One of his ideas was to train his prize bull, Jupiter, to pull his carriage like a horse. The experiment went abysmally and the carriage crashed into a store window. He was subsequently banished from the town.

His various oddities attracted the attention of King George the third, who invited him to London. Jemmy replied that he was busy training otters to fish at the time, but would come later. During his eventual visit, he threw a goblet of water at a noble who laughed at his outragous suit, defending his action as saving the man from hysterics. 

he passed away of natural causes in 1892 at the age of 91. Many of his funeral plans, such as having a bagpipe and a fiddler playing happy songs, were denied by the priest and he supposedly left his accountant a length of rope in his will to 'go hang himself with'. There is a pub in Rawcliffe in his memory Jemmy Hirst at the Rose and Crown. 


The wheel from the infamous carriage incident seems to have developed some oddity of its own, as it appears to delight in being involved in crashes or explosions of any nature, seemingly striving to be the one wheel that rolls out off the carnage. Indeed, in any of the explosions it has been recorded as being a part of, it has survived in impeccable condition and has without fail rolled harmlessly out of the blaze.

It has a darker side, wowever, and will attempt to cause such events on its own. If attatched to a vehicle, it will swerve towards walls or buildings. If it is free-roaming, it will roll in front of traffic in attempts to make them swerve. Because of this, it is strapped to the Warehoouse floor where it cannot move. 

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