Jean-Paul Marat’s Bathtub
Bathtub marat.jpg


Jean-Paul Marat




Creates a fierce anger that the person cannot control.


Effects; recreates his debilitating skin disorder.


Going into and staying in the tub.

Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

July 14, 1865


Origin[edit | edit source]

Jean-Paul Marat was a well known politician leading up to the French Revolution. During that period, he took to journalism to enumerate his dedication to the common people, who were poor and starving but compromised the majority of France. This was done from his position in the Jacobin Club, the leaders of the the most turbulent point who brought thousands of political dissenters to the guillotine. Marat became a martyr when he was assassinated in his bathtub, as he had contacted some unknown skin disease that made his skin blistered, itchy, and painful. At that point, he spent most of his time in his bathtub, soaking in medicines to relieve the agony.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Marat’s bathtub gives anyone that touches it his passion and anger for anything that they care about. This could be from a political vote, to defending their stance; the downside includes a furious indignation. Also, staying in the tub for periods of time will recreate the same skin disease Marat had.

This artifact also needs to be drained regularly and never be in contact with Charlotte Corday's Hairbrush.

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