James Randi's Fork


James Randi


Bent Silver Fork


Has ability to force those lying to tell the truth and nulls psychic powers.


User can now be easily fooled, for an hour.



Collected by

A. Nielson







Date of Collection

April 3rd, 2005


Origin Edit

James Randi (born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge; August 7, 1928) is a Canadian-American retired stage magician and a scientific skeptic who has extensively challenged paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims. One of his considered "rivals" was Uri Geller, a Israeli-British self proclaimed psychic who's most famous trick was to bend a spoon only using his mind. This however, was a simple parlor trick being performed even before Geller became famous for it and when ever given the chance, he would disprove his psychic powers by doing the same trick with a fork or spoon.

This fork was originally used in a demonstration of the trick during dinner at a restaurant Randi was attending, the fork was never bent all the way and only slightly bend as the owner had gotten quite angry over Randi for bending his silver forks. The silver absorbed Randi's objectivity and his proclivity for debunking pseudoscience.

Effects Edit

When held or placed near a person claiming to have psychic powers it will force them to tell the truth of their lies while preforming. It also has the effect of nulling the powers of actual psychic or paranormal effects, works well with psychically linked artifacts.

User will be easily fooled by even the slightest tricks, for about a hour.

Never to be set by Uri Geller's Spoon.

Collection Edit

Collected by Arthur Nielson on April 3rd, 2005

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